Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hantu Bonceng - PG13

Hantu Bonceng (PG13)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Ahmad Idham
Cast: Julianna Evans

The Plot:

"Hantu Bonceng" revolves around Amran (Zizan Raja Lawak) a delivery boy who often races in illegal drag races. It all started when Amran wins a race and is given a girl as his prize for winning the race. The girl rode with Amran to the port but Amran's bike was hit by the lorry after a turn in the junction. The girl died on the spot while Amran was brought to the hospital. The incident forces Amran to change as the ghost of the dead lady keeps haunting him every night. Amran feels the tension and asks his best friend Kunyit (Taiyuddin Bakar) for help.

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