Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Treasure Hunt - PG13

Treasure Hunt (PG13)
Director : Wong Jing
Cast : Ekin Cheng, Cecilia Cheung, Lucas Tse, Ronald Cheng

The Plot :

Peggy (Cecilia Cheung), a renowned charming director in the ad industry, is married with a 3-years-old son, Lucas (Lucas Tse). She is persuaded by her boss to shoot an advertisement on a deserted island with the so-called "The Strongest Man in the Galaxy" kung fu master Mr. Big (Ronald Cheng), a notorious womaniser and his daughter Cissy (Lin Miao Ke). Andy (Ekin Cheng), Peggy's husband, fails to dissuade his wife to back out of the job and leaves home in a hot temper with Lucas. Peggy has no choice but to depart for the island. At the pier where the filming crew takes a boat to the island, Mr. Big has a row with Cobra (Liu Hua) and his four fellow ruffians over a new fishing boat. Cobra's gang gets a treasure map and plans to search for a huge treasure hidden on the island during the Ming Dynasty. To avoid further publicity, Cobra backs off, but plans to get rid of the crew on the island.



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