Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perfect Rivals

Perfect Rivals (U)
Director : Han Yew Kwang
Cast : Josh Lai, Ha Yu, Mindee Ong, Pamelyn Chee, Irene Ang

The Plot :

Based upon an urban legend of 2 rivalling bak kwa shops, "Hao Han Bak Kwa" and "Mei Mei Bak Kwa". The founders of these two stores however, Zeng Mei Mei (Irene Ang) and Chen Hao (Ha Yu), used to be lovers, yet, turned against each other for their own personal, selfish reasons. While the two engage in a battle to win a bak kwa competition, their children get engulfed in a complex relationship with one another... And there begins the story of the bak kwa war!



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