Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Love Hong Kong

I Love Hong Kong(U)
Director : Chung Shu Kai
Cast : Wong Cho-lam, Eric Tsang, Fala Chen, Aarif Lee, Tony Leung Ka-Fai

The Plot :

"I Love Hong Kong" is a feel good movie which inculcates that all will be well and prosperity will visit when everyone lives in harmony. Ng Shun returns with his wife Shun-Soh and three children to to celebrate Ng Kin's 60th birthday. Unknown to Kin, his son has gotten into trouble and is plotting for him to take the rap. At the same time, Long, a swindler who conned money from the neighbours 30 years ago is now a property tycoon. He promises to pay each of the 30 neighbours HK$100 million as compensation as long as a representative of each household returns to the estate on Lunar New Year's Eve. A mad rush ensues as Shun and his family tries to gather the old neighbours to avoiding missing the bonanza.



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